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Happy Birthday Fedora

I was going to do a modification of the Fedora birthday cake image with Marilyn Monroe coming out of the cake but…. I decided against the idea. So, my birthday present to Fedora is SPARING YOU ALL the horrible image I’ve described above by not drawing it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEDORA!

Membership in the Art Group

Well, since i announced the F10 theme vote, we’ve received a deluge of art group membership requests, some clearly approvable but many not. Here is a reminder of what you need to do in order to be considered for membership in the FAS art group, as outlined on the Fedora Art Team main wiki page: …


Concept by pjones, inspired by Nicu’s I <3 Fedora t-shirt design. Suggested lines for the back of the shirt: Do you? – Get some! – Your clever idea here! P.S. isn’t it amusing how this post is sandwiched between two posts about Google Chrome’s EULA on Heh.”