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Concept by pjones, inspired by Nicu’s I <3 Fedora t-shirt design. Suggested lines for the back of the shirt: Do you? – Get some! – Your clever idea here! P.S. isn’t it amusing how this post is sandwiched between two posts about Google Chrome’s EULA on Heh.”

Another try

(let me know if you want the XCF; I don’t have a good place to upload it right now. The SVG sources for the original gear shapes that Nicu created are available here:


It is unnaturally hot here in the Boston area, and it doesn’t appear we will have relief for at least a couple more days. I recently fixed up the Artwork Theming Overview page on the Fedora wiki as the MediaWiki translation didn’t go well for it. A lot more work will need to happen on …

FUDcon signage & Fedora collateral

FUDcon Signage We needed some signage for FUDcon pretty quickly so I’ve been working on that. Here’s what I came up with: Links to the source files and printer-ready graphics are here, as well as sort of a ‘lessons-learned’ writeup so hopefully the next time we do designs like this we’ll be a bit the …

Fedora General-Purpose Posters Part 2

Thanks to everybody who helped me out with the poster design here in my blog and in fedora-marketing-list. I think this cut is pretty good so if you are willing to translate the poster into another language or if you would simply like to have it printed up, it’s ready now:

General-Purpose Fedora Posters

Hello! So, Joerg Simon pointed out to me that we have a need for general-purpose, reusable designs for Fedora posters that can be used at many different events / during different releases of Fedora (so no event-specific release-specific feature-specific etc. notes on them.) This is my first draft at an attempt at this. It is …

Fedora 9 Artwork Round 2 Update

For various reasons the Fedora art team has decided to push back the deadline for round 2 theme submissions to February 12, one week back from the original due date of February 5th (today.) We are hopeful that the extra week will give folks the time they need to get their submissions ready. Want to …