More Spins Stuff

I came up with a sketch to kind of explain what a spin is and decided to make it nice in Inkscape (still not quite finished yet but close):

So here it is in the front page mockup:

Also here’s what it will look like if you click “get it now!” for one of the spins:

(maybe the graphic in the upper right is too much?)
Any feedback, suggestions, assistance, etc welcomed. 🙂


  1. cool
    Cool stuff, well done! (agreed, the graphic in hte upper right is a little too much)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why not just use words that have some meaning that people will understand? (Is there some association I'm supposed to have for "Spin"?)
    What's the relationship between these "Official Spins"? Does the "Electronics Lab" not have a desktop? Why would I not just get the "Official Desktop Spin" and install the electronics programs I need? (I've never found a Linux distro set-of-programs like this that was at all useful. Nobody uses all the Electronics programs in Fedora. People use one or two, along with desktop apps, and some developer tools, and so on.)
    Who's the intended audience for each half of this? Developers? Electronics developers with big headphones? My grandparents?
    I'm more confused about Fedora than I was 5 minutes ago. :/

  3. Anonymous says:

    Try to put the banner in the middle. Otherwise, having none on "get it now" page mockup will suffice.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I use KDE, YOO!
    There should be a maximum limit to how much attitude a stock-photo model should express, and those models are way over it…
    Nice vector work though. I never heard about "spin" before but it took less than 2 seconds with this drawing to get what it's about.
    just my 2c 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:

      Re: I use KDE, YOO!
      Very eloquently spoken. 🙂
      The stock models are way over the top. Please do not use these but tone it down.

      1. Re: I use KDE, YOO!
        hi kthxbai 🙂
        you did see the previous post right?
        the stockphotos are just placeholders. i'm actively seeking folks to contribute photos 🙂

  5. Live CD Tools?
    Along with pungi and revisor it is also good to mention live cd tools first. Most of the spins are actually using live cd tools since demo'ing a live cd/dvd is a better experience. The order should be
    Live CD Tools

    1. Re: Live CD Tools?
      And actually, as it currently stands, any spins being done are going to be livecd-tools or pungi only.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm still trying to figure out what it has to do with spin, though. Or angular momenum in general.

  7. I'm hungry…..
    I don't think the graphic banner really explains what a spin is.
    It explains the process of putting the spin together, but I don't really think it illustrates what a spin is in terms of its usefulness as a consumable.
    To me, the most salient reason for users to care about spins has to be the live nature of them. Collections of software put together with love and care and a sense of style so that you can taste a gourmet selection from the Fedora software buffet, without "installing" the operating system. Spins are gourmet appetizers designed to make you hungry for more Fedora.
    To me, each Spin is a hand passed platter of hors'odors, laid out on the serving platter in a way so that that platter is enticing to particular subsets of party goers who've just walled into the front door of Fedora's Rocking Global Party.
    And I'm just not sure that the graphic banner captures the fundamental appetizing nature of Spins.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tangoish artwork
    Hi, Mairin,
    I see you love tangoish artwork – every clipart uses this style, but you're also working on Echo icons. I don't get it…
    — Livio

    1. Re: Tangoish artwork
      Hi Livio,
      I do not work on Echo icons.

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