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The Fedora Cloud Working Group recently decided that in Fedora 24 (or perhaps a bit further out depending on how the tooling/process can support it) that the Atomic version of Fedora is going to be the primary focus of the working group. (Background discussion on their list is available too.)
This has an affect on the Fedora website as the Fedora Cloud edition shifts from a buffet of kind of equally-positioned cloud- and container-related images to a more focused set of images optimized for container hosting (using Atomic) and a set of more clearly ancillary images that are also useful for cloud/container deployment of Fedora that aren’t based on the Atomic platform. We need to position these images accordingly on the website to meet the new model.
Matthew Miller and I discussed how the Cloud WG decision might effect the website and ideas for how we could update the website to suit for Fedora 24. One idea for how we could do this:

  • Consider replacing the “Cloud” edition slot on the front of getfedora.org with a Fedora “Atomic” edition brand.
  • Convert getfedora.org/cloud to focus instead solely on Atomic (maybe redoing the URL to getfedora.org/atomic).
  • Build out a separate cloud image resource site (similar to arm.fedoraproject.org, which is focused on all ARM-related builds across Fedora) with the full set of Cloud Base images (and maybe Fedora Docker containers too?) Then, pull these in to the edition site via a link in the “Other Downloads” section.

Anyhow, this is just an idea. The Atomic brand is already a pretty strong one, so I think trying to force something like “Fedora Atomic” under the current cloud logomark might miss the opportunity for Fedora to work with the brand recognition Atomic already has upstream. The question is – is that even possible? Luckily, I think the answer might be yes 🙂

The current Fedora Cloud logo.
The current Fedora Cloud logo.

The Atomic upstream logo.
The Atomic upstream logo.

I poked around a little bit with the Atomic logo (I believe tigert created the original awesome logo!), thickened it up and rounded out the lines a little bit so I could use it as a mask on the purple Fedora triangle texture in the same way the original cloud mark is used in the current cloud logo. I think it looks pretty cool; here it is in the context of the other Fedora Edition logos:
Fedora Atomic logo idea
I was kind of worried they wouldn’t hang together as a set, especially since the three logomarks here had been so close (Cloud’s mark was a 90 degrees rotated Server mark, and Workstation is Server with the top two bars merged to make a display,) but in practice it looks like this is really not a concern.
On the to-do list next are mockups for how a potential new cloud.fpo site might look as well as an updated getfedora.org/cloud (or getfedora.org/atomic as the case might be.) I started poking at mocking up a cloud.fpo site for the base cloud images and other cloud goodies but will probably need to iterate that on the Cloud WG list to get it right.
Ideas? Feedback? Comments are open of course 🙂


  1. What about taking the three fedora server bars and crossing them a-la atomic logo? It would be midway, not sure if as good though

  2. Luya Tshimbalanga says:

    Fedora Atomic logo speaks itself. I don’t think there is no needed change. Other alternative was to pick the green triangle for the logo.

  3. So I’m a bit concerned about this idea. Not the logo, the logo’s awesome! But I’m worried about the concept of ‘Fedora Atomic’ as a flavor/edition. This wasn’t really the focus of your post so I’ll be brief and expand on my own blog. Basically the existing flavors/editions are *contexts* in which you might want to use Fedora: “I want to use Fedora in a cloud”, “I want to use Fedora on a server”, “I want to use Fedora on a desktop”. Atomic is not a context in which you might want to deploy Fedora – it’s more a *type* of Fedora. It’s one which happens to be quite suited to Cloud deployments, sure, but that’s not all it is – it would be perfectly viable to have an Atomic Workstation, and indeed I think there’s been some interest in it.
    This is something I struggle with daily because my fedfind project has to try and impose some kind of coherent scheme for identifying Fedora images, so it’s something I’m pretty interested in. I’ll write a blog post with some more detailed thoughts.
    Logo’s great, though 🙂

    1. mairin says:

      For whatever it’s worth, I actually take a lot of issue with how Cloud is done today. 🙂 Cloud is not a flavor/edition/product. It’s not a single thing. It’s a bucket of loosely related things. Right now, containerized versions of Fedora are presented as being equally “Fedora Cloud” as the atomic host image as the cloud base images. And the payloads are very, very different! Containers don’t have to be deployed in the cloud, either. (Nor does Atomic, for that matter.) Only the cloud images actually have a strong tie to cloud, and that is honestly what I think one would expect when clicking on a “Fedora Cloud” product, so I feel like the other two don’t really belong there. In terms of usage, talking to Matthew, the cloud images weren’t really there anyway.
      To me, today’s “Fedora Cloud” is really three different things:
      – Cloud-enabled spins of Fedora (a specific, non-generic deployment target for which a different package set is included even for management – made for consumption by another system be it OpenStack or EC2 or whatever and not necessarily Fedora – the game cartridge)
      – Containerized versions of Fedora (which you can get from the Docker repo system anyway, again, a specific type of deployment target – made for consumption by another system, Docker running somewhere not necessarily Fedora – again the game cartridge)
      – Atomic Host version of Fedora (which you could argue is a compelling sort of “product” that does something novel vs the others – it’s a full platform – it’s like the Atari system itself rather than a game cartridge)
      I don’t know if this makes any sense. But Atomic seemed the most compelling kind of product-y thing to me. Plus, it’s really kind of the future thing we’re trying to do, right? To me – and maybe I’m dumb – but a version of Fedora for cloud deployment, a version of Fedora for container deployment – that’s like shipping it on DVD vs CD, or in one arch vs another. It’s mostly an iteration of the same. But Atomic is compelling, new tech I think we really want to push and where things are going to go. So I think elevating it as a full edition/Fedora flavor is really the way to go and why I pushed for that.

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