Do you know robotics?

Hi 🙂 Plea for help here 🙂 The websites team and I would like to feature a photo of some real robots that have been programmed and/or built using Fedora as the main banner image for the Fedora Robotics spin – but we don’t know of any specific Fedora robots. We’d even be happy with a picture of a non-Fedora robot at this point. If you know someone who is knowledgable about robotics and/or Fedora robotics, and who may have a picture they’d be willing to let us use, can you please get in touch? Thanks 🙂

Redesign of; Help make your spin rock!

Robyduck and I have been working on a total revamp of Behold, what spins.fpo looks like today: Different kinds of spins So one issue we have with spins is that there are different *kinds* of spins: Desktop Spins There are desktop spins that each feature a different desktop environment on top of Fedora. While you can install multiple desktop environments by default, most people stick to one most of the time, and you certainly can’t use more than one in a given session. These spins are much more about the environment you use Fedora in rather than applications layered on top. Functional Spins There are functional spins that consist of application bundles and configuration that you could honestly package-group install on any desktop and be able to use productively – Games, Design Suite, Robotics, etc. They are more purpose-directed than the desktop spins, which are more for general computing environments. ARM builds (These aren’t actually spins but fell into the fray as they needed a home too!) Now that ARM is a top-level / supported architecture, we have ARM builds for many versions of Fedora. These images are solely architecture-based and cater to a very specific community and very …

Fedora Design Team Update

Fedora Design Team Meeting 21 April 2015 Meetbot Minutes Raw log Summary Announcements/News Libre Graphics Meeting: decause asked if any team members are planning to go to Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 next week. He and riecatnor were thinking about going. Nobody else in the meeting had plans to go. Flock talk proposal deadline extension: The deadline for Flock talk proposals has been extended to May 2, so we reminded folks to get their design team talk proposals in. Fedora websites update: Mo noted that she and robyduck have made a lot of progress on the redesign and the new labs.fpo website. If you are interested in the work it’s in github: Tickets Needing Feedback Request for new system-config-services icon – Luya had some good design mockups posted to this ticket so we gave him some critique and asked the reporter to provide their feedback / approval. Request: F22 featured images for the Magazine – Yogi posted some mockups on this one so we posted some feedback on it. Create Artwork for Cockpit banner to display in Anaconda GUI – Yogi created a mockup for this one so we provided some feedback in the ticket. Fedora .Next Tshirt designs …

Fedora Design Team Update

Fedora Design Team Meeting 7 April 2015 Meetbot Minutes Raw log Summary I don’t actually have time today to post a full summary, so just a few bullet points: Bronwyn, my new intern, started today so we welcomed her at the meeting and she took on her first ticket, which she’s working on right now. We walked through tickets needing attention and tickets needing triage. We talked about the F22 Beta readiness meeting – I will attend to represent the team this Thursday. We talked about Flock and discussed more details about the topics we’d like to propose.