Fedora Design Team FAD this weekend!

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Starting this Friday through the weekend, we’re having the very first Fedora Design Team FAD here at Red Hat’s Boston-area office. A number of design team members are going to come together for two and a half days and plan the basic roadmap for the design team over the next year or two, as well as more hands-on tasks that could involve cleaning out our ticket queue and maybe even working on wallpaper ideas for Fedora 22. 🙂

Join Us Virtually!

We want to allow remote participants (yes, even you 🙂 ) to join us, so we will have an OpenTokRTC video stream as well as a Google On Air Hangout for each day of the event. We will also be in #fedora-design on irc.freenode.net, and we’ll have a shared notepad on piratepad.

Video Stream Links


OpenTokRTC is an open source project for webrtc video conferencing; opentokrtc.com is the demo site set up by TokBox, the project’s sponsor. If you have issues with this feed, please jump to the appropriate Google Hangout.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are unfortunately not open source, but we have set these up as “On Air” hangouts so you do not need to be logged into Google to view them nor should you need to install Google’s plugin to view them.

Other Resources

Chat + Notes
  • #fedora-design on irc.freenode.net – this is the official chat channel for the event.
  • Design FAD piratepad – we’ll take notes as the event progresses here; for example, as we make decisions we’ll track them here.

What are We Working on, When?

We’ll flesh out the fine details of the schedule during the first hour or so of the event; I will try to update the session titles on FedoCal to reflect that as we hash it out. (Likely, it will be documented on the piratepad first.)

  • Schedule on FedoCal (note that FedoCal has built-in timezone conversion so you can view in your local timezone 🙂 )

See you there! 🙂


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