Linux Plumbers' Conference 2010 T-Shirt Design

My co-worker Ric Wheeler asked if I’d be interested in trying my hand at a design for this year’s Linux Plumbers’ Conference T-shirt. I wasn’t quite sure where to start so I asked around for ideas on and it started a great discussion with the ideas I ended up using. One of the ideas was a fun play on certain overweight Italian plumbers:

As you can see from my awesome notations, this is kind of not something we can do. Hmm. Jezra had the idea to form the letters “LINUX” using pipes – so I tried that with a much more subtle Tux popping out of the ‘I’ pipe. What do you think?

Sources, etc. are available. I don’t know if this will be the shirt so stay tuned. I do think this is a nice story on how open discussion in the community can result in some great ideas, either way!


  1. Looks great, looking forward to getting one in November

  2. Anonymous says:

    That *rocks*. Any chance the conference might consider selling the shirts afterward as well? I don't expect I'll manage to attend this year, but I'd love to have a shirt that awesome, and perhaps the sold versions could help fund next year's conference.

  3. Such a shame it's not allowed ! Still the pipes are nice.

  4. Sweet! I wish more conferences had t-shirts that I like to wear …outside of conferences. So far I only have the GNOME one by Andreas Nilsson 🙂

  5. DDevine says:

    A shirt like this would be great for the Southern Plumbers miniconf…
    Great shirt!

  6. Pablo Estefó says:

    It looks a lot nicer than the "italian penguin plumber" version XD.

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