FUDcon Day 3: Awesome Art Stuff Barcamp Session

So as Nicu mentioned, there was an “Awesome Art Stuff” talk at the FUDcon Zurich barcamp today. We kind of left it open-ended, but since Milan from the Spacewalk team needed a hackergotchi and I had just taken some photos of him for it this morning, I offered a run through of making a hackergotchi in the Gimp as a demo we could do, and asked the audience if they had anything they’d be interested in. I believe it was Zoltan who asked, if I take a photo and it doesn’t come out quite right, how can it be adjusted?

Luckily I am actually not a great photographer, and Milan’s portrait came out pretty dark (see above.) So we went over brightening up and white balancing the photograph, then we started the work of making it into a hackergotchi.

Here is the hackergotchi we came up with, although it is not compliant with Nicu’s dropshadows so I’ll have to fix that:

Next I demoed a couple of lesser-known FLOSS graphics tools – Alchemy and MyPaint – and showed a workflow using Alchemy for idea generation then importing it into MyPaint and sketching over it. We came up with this evil armored dragon dude, but my drawing style tends to be cutesy so the sketch on top made my evil dragon dude look not-so-evi:

Anyhow it seems at least the hackergotchi section of the talk may have actually been useful – Adrian came up with a hackergotchi for Jef during the session with a little bit of help from Jef (I talk too fast 🙂 ).
There’s a lot more to talk about FUDcon Day 3. This is my FUDcon day 3 album so far, and I have more to add to it. 🙂


  1. That's precisely the session I was hoping get scheduled in before lunch! Ah well, the pointers from your Day 1 talk should be sufficient to significantly improve my current Gotchi image.

  2. Offtopic: What is it when people customize the GIMP by moving tools options panel to other panel (default on right), but then they leave the tools panel so wide and default lenght that it does not actually free the space?
    As example: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpeg-0-gimp2 (No, that is not my artwork workspace, on what I have a middle gray environment)

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