Video: Easy Tethering with NetworkManager & Fedora 13


  1. Do you have 2.2 on that thing? I really love the wifi connection sharing on the Nexus with 2.2… 🙂

    1. Nope, no 2.2 yet. I think because it's got HTC Sense they delay Android updates? i'm not sure though.

      1. ethana2 says:

        Yeah, and you can't even install the original Android music and calendar applications from .apk no matter what you try to do on an HTC device 🙁
        Such a shame to have to root just to get normal Android apps back.
        (ex-motoDroid owner)

      2. Yeah, Sense delays the updates a bit. You should get it pretty soon, though. The wifi tethering is cool… 🙂

  2. Unfortunately doesn't work on most US android phones, though I've heard it works with many european android phones.

    1. That's a US Android phone 🙂

      1. Right, but it is unusual; Sprint is trying to score points that way. Doesn't work on t-mobile android phones and I'm pretty sure not on Verizon either.

  3. LnxTx says:

    Why didn't you connect via bluetooth?

    1. I didn't know you could tether via bluetooth! I'll have to try it for another video 🙂

  4. I just thought I should add, that my EVO 4G worked out of the box on Fedora 12 with NetworkManager. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I had no updates applied. … So I'm guessing this functionality has been there for a while.

    1. yeah, basic USB tethering like this is pretty easy and has worked for ages (been working with Windows Mobile phones for me since at least F11, and probably before that). Really it's just like any wired network connection; the phone is acting as a USB network device when you select that mode. Bluetooth tethering is the real new hotness! I agree Mairin should give that a shot.

  5. clee says:

    Chrome? Blizzard will be so disappointed!

    1. It's not my laptop. 🙂 Firefox will be pulled from my cold dead hands; I need firebug to live!

      1. Chrome rocks! 🙂

  6. Khudsa says:

    It works out of the box without installing anything extra? It's amazingly easy!

  7. Martin says:

    "Click here to download plugin."
    Christopher “Monty” Montgomery has done work on Theora for Red Hat?
    VP8 is a bit raw, but it is a part of Fedora. Theora 1.1 is more tested and also a part of Theora.
    Would be nice if the employees of Red Hat and Red hat is self started to use something else than flash.
    I can not comment the video since I have not seen it. You guys usually ends up doing the right thing! 🙂

    1. Hi. first, there is one thing I would like clear and that is that this is my personal blog, and it represents my personal thoughts, feelings, values, and decisions. I speak for myself only. I do not speak for my current employer. Now with that out of the way you hint at the reason why I have been so bold to post an embedded YouTube video in my blog for the very first time, and that is in fact bc of vp8. If there is some technical issue viewing the video that way I will try my best to fix it. But please do us both a favor and do not read my own words as being my employers words. I will stop this blog if the distinction is not able to be made clear. Thanks.

  8. Dante says:

    Oooh! Well done to all those involved!
    Now, tell me, can this be done with a stock HTC Magic running 1.6? 😛

  9. Jimmy says:

    Did you have to enter a username or password when you originally connected the HTC to fedora?

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