Gimp 2.7.0 x86_64 packages for Fedora 12

The lure of layer groups drove me to build F12 RPMs for Gimp 2.7.0 last night. However, I was not to get that new sparkly pink pony for my stable, as layer groups are not in 2.7.0. That being said, there’s still some interesting tweaks (one I noticed was brush filtering, another was a very nice cleanup of the save dialogs) so you may want to give these a shot to check up on Gimp’s progress.
Use ’em at your own risk of course. I am no expert packager and in my desperate fervor for acquiring pink sparkle ponies, I resorted to some dirty tricks to make these build 🙂



  1. Hurrah, Mo is a packager now! (And yes, it counts – if I'm a packager, you are one too. At some point you just have to start learning. 😉

  2. So you love or hate the new optional single window view? I have not tested it yet, waiting for a i686 package :D, After seeing screenshots, it looks very close to the Inkscape window layout, but I don't expect I will get in love with it, more like neutral.

  3. Any chance of 32bit packages? Prety, pleeeeaseee 😉

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