Spins Bling Update

Thanks to the feedback you gave me on the last Spins bling post, I’ve been able to make some updates and adjustments to some of the Spins banners.
The artwork for the Education spin banner was pretty sad, so I updated it with artwork from María’s awesome Education SIG wallpaper:

BrOffice’s name was too grey and hard to read so it’s been updated to an easier-to-read blue:

The KDE artwork in the KDE banner was a little old so it’s been updated with the Oxygen logo as well as the KDE slogan:

Joerg alerted me to the fact I’d missed the Security spin, but it was easy enough to come up with a banner as María again already had created arwork that I simply had to pull in:

Also… made some mini-banners for the spins directory. Here’s a preview:

Thanks for all the feedback! By the way, sijis and hiemanshu have really been rockin’ on the spins.fedoraproject.org redesign. Wait until you see it…. they deserve huge kudos!


  1. Eivind says:

    Very cool ! I wish I could do that !

  2. I would not call the old Education banner "sad", more "empty" or "simplistic", this new one is better. Still, i feel like the gradient going from the light brown (or whatever color is that) to white is a bit too strong, would have liked it smoother.

  3. hey, thank you very much for this update…
    you've successfully eliminated my concerns from your last blog entry (sorry for not responding… i just checked back)… it really was about the old spin of kde looking way too much 3.x like in style… but it's perfect now!
    BrOffice is also good now from my little perspective :]
    At the new Edu spin i like these children, but the "make a difference" somehow feels unbalanced at this position. also removing the glow might help (but that might just be a personal preference)
    thank you very much!

  4. […] On October 28 my initial designs for the Spins banners were posted to Planet Fedora and shared with the Spins maintainers. Changes were made and posted on Nov 1 based on community feedback. […]

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