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If you ever need to work with the Fedora Spins SIG on a project, you’re in for a treat because they’ve totally got it together and it’s really easy to work with them. 🙂
My task was to gather some content for each spin’s page for the new spins.fedoraproject.org design, and typically in these sorts of projects it involves a lot of back and forth and pulling teeth to get the content, craft the content into a usable form, and organize and make all the content available. I asked the spin owners to just get the content to me any way they could, and to my delight organized the content into individual spin details wiki pages so that myself and the websites team (word to hiemanshu and sijis who’ve been cranking out the HTML and CSS!) could easily find it and use it. That made our job a whole lot easier, so thanks Spins SIG!
Anyhow, here’s the current try at making some nice banners to personalize each spin’s details page:

Each of these banners will slide into the space below the blue Fedora bar on the spins details page. For example, here’s the Fedora Electronic lab banner in context:

Anyway, I hope you like these designs. Let us know what you think – there’s still time to tweak them.


  1. wohow! they are SO amazing 😮

  2. $ sed -i s/XFCE/Xfce/ Spins-banners_all.svg
    But maybe XFCE is okay, even if Xfce is the canonical way nowadays. At least you didn't use XFce:
    'The name Xfce originally stood for XForms Common Environment, but since then, Xfce was rewritten twice and doesn't use XForms toolkit anymore. The name survived, but the F is nolonger capitalized (not “XFce”, but “Xfce”). Currently the acronym doesn't stand for anything (suggestion: X Freakin' Cool Environment).'
    The banners looks very good ^_^

  3. They look really great, you can tell a skilled person has designed them, look far far more presentable and most importantly _understandable_.

  4. I love that each of the spin banners is unique in color and character, but they're consistent in design. What a smart way to give each spin community a better opportunity to have their own personalized take on Fedora!

  5. Joerg (kital) Simon says:

    just want to say thank you!

  6. Great designs Mo!… its been a while since i dont get in touch with any Fedora related projects and im back to see the great things you guys are doing!! Im amazed!!
    One suggestion would be to use actual Linux/Fedora games images for the Games Spin, not just some really good looking images. If those are characters and models from Linux/Fedora games then please ignore this comment and let me know which games are those 😛
    Anyway, great work… as always!

    1. Hi Juank, nice to hear from you again 🙂
      They really are images from Linux/Fedora games. Here's the games in order from left to right:
      – the plane is from Flight Gear
      – The skull guy is artwork from Wesnoth
      – the fighter guy is from Tremulous
      – The fairy girl is artwork from Wesnoth

      1. duh! I must play myself more of the games included in the distro, as I didn't recognize any of them (well, the plane look very pixelated, so i though it may be from there, but the fighter/fairy? they are too good looking)

      2. Nice… I'm gonna check those games 😀 , and i hope for the next release i can get involved again, I kinda miss to work on fedora related things!

      3. @Nicu: The Wesnoth stuff is just portraits which are used in dialogs in campaigns. They aren't animated or anything. The unit images you see in most of the game are much smaller. They're also very carefully designed (it takes a lot of work to get animations to look well), but due to their small size, they can't carry as many details as those portraits.

      4. I know this Kevin, but the large portraits look good still, a couple of years ago when I tried Wesnoth (and decided I don't like it, "close but no cigar"), those static graphics were not that good.
        But in the end all the games cheat like this, advertise with pre-rendered beautiful images or movies that do not show the actual game content (remember the FFVII in-game videos?)

  7. sorry, but the kde spin looks no-go from my point… (or is this spin for kde 3.x?)
    at the broffice spin the broffice is a bit too grey (looks a bit unfitting)
    the Security Lab, LXCDE, XFCE and Electronic Lab spins work out quite well (sorry for critics, but well… you know 😉

    1. Hi, I have no problem with critiques, I actually would prefer to receive some critique. But what you've given here isn't very useful to me. "looks no-go" – what does that mean? Why is it no-go? Several of the KDE SIG members saw the banner design and were fine with it. Can you provide me a little more information?

      1. Well, I presume the complaint is that the used KDE logo doesn't have the Oxygen look, but looks more like one of the older versions used in the KDE 3 era.

  8. jreznik says:

    I like it 😉 Banners are nice, makes you feel your Fedora edition! No Gnome one?

  9. Oh my gosh. I see what you were talking about with the Games Spin banner now – that must have been so much fun to make. They look awesome! Just one question – why break from the blue-grey color scheme with the BrOffice and Education spins? (I think they look great, I'm just curious.)

  10. awesome mo; also if you want you can use the kids wallpapers svg to fedora education. My fav goes to LXDE, is just amazing 😀

  11. It might be a good idea to print the upstream slogan "be free" on the KDE spin banner, as the other desktop spins seem to have theirs on there.

    1. ah yeh! the KDE one was the first I did so i didn't have the idea to add the upper right slogans until later. i can update it with oxygen artwork then too if i can find it on kde.org

      1. The KDE logo and related artwork is here: http://www.kde.org/stuff/clipart.php

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