Fedora Stickers


  1. Anonymous says:

    these are great? did you design them to go to a professional printer? or more for the someone to print out on a bubblejet at home?

    1. Re: Awesome!
      either/or. If they go to a professional printer, I'm not sure how they handle where the edges get cut. I included the Scribus file above so that anyone printing them out would get the correct colors (in theory anyway.) 🙂

  2. blue line on top is similar to sea water:) very beautiful!:)

    1. O! Concept of design: infinity as sea. (sorry for my bad english…:))

  3. While it is a good thing that you got a quota increase on the fedorapeople server, you could have said something like this: "the source is available in the MarketingCollateral wiki page"

    1. I'm trying to avoid using moin these days before mediawiki is available. 🙁

  4. Anonymous says:

    good work

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