Please stop the hate

It is a veritable Fat Tuesday for GNOME 3 hate today, it seems.
I love you all dearly, but I also love GNOME. I feel that it’s juvenile to beat down on other free software projects’ hard work. It really breaks my heart to see this going on. Don’t you think that there are more constructive and less personal ways to voice your feedback, concerns, and critiques?
If you would like to participate in juvenile critically-important activities for the fun of it, might I suggest a more worthy cause: promoting the glorious and miraculous hot dog that will surely be the ‘weiner’ of the Fedora 16 naming contest?

He really has a chance this time; we have a solid link between Lovelock and Beefy Miracle as submitted by Max:

Convert Lovelock and Beefy Miracle to numbers using A=1, B=2, … Z=26.
Lovelock = 12-15-22-5-12-15-3-11
Beefy Miracle = 2-5-5-6-25-13-9-18-1-3-12-5
Sum those two sets of numbers.
Lovelock = 95
Beefy Miracle = 104
Keep summing until you get to a single number 0-9.
Lovelock: 95 -> 9+5 = 14 -> 1+4 = 5
Beefy Miracle: 104 -> 1+0+4 = 5
So, to follow the rules of Fedora naming:
“Lovelock” is a string, that when a function is applied to it, results in an output of 5, and so is “Beefy Miracle”

What do you think? Can you convert that hate energy directed towards your peer free software contributors and instead make the world a better place with mustard-coated, reconstituted beef?