New Fedora Spins site with Fedora 12

With the release of Fedora 12 we’ve given the a bit of a facelift. 🙂 (What did it look like before? Pre-facelift
I wanted to tell the tale of this redesign to show how we did it, together as a community, and also to give kudos to the many folks who pitched in and made it happen.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some items and deserved kudos (let me know and I’ll update this post) but I have to leave for my bus now so that’s all for now. I hope this gives you some insight into a community design & implementation process. 🙂
And check out and let us know what you think! We’re of course always open to improvements – this is an open design process. 🙂 Also note there is more work to be done – let me know if you’ve any interest in helping out 🙂


  1. Rahul Sundaram says:

    That link is incorrect. I think we should push out the new look for get.fp.o much before the Fedora 13 release. Trying to do it just before release makes things get pushed out further, again and again. A couple of weeks from now, would be a very good time, me thinks.

    1. Thanks I fixed the link!
      A couple weeks from now isn't going to happen 🙂 But maybe 6-8 weeks is doable.
      I agree though, after having get.fpo, spins.fpo, and Fedora Insight all synced up with F12's release date, it was just not possible. It was too much work all at the same time. So I'd like to see us get the new fpo design out well before F13.

      1. Rahul Sundaram says:

        Couple of weeks or six weeks doesn't matter particularly. My point was that: don't do it now because everyone is downloading Fedora 12 and a screwup would have a large impact. Don't do it just because Fedora 13 release because again,a screwup would have a large impact. Somewhere in between is fine.

  2. For the KDE page on spins.fp.o, would it be possible to also somehow mention the mirror links in the Download tab? But I know this would be a special case for the KDE spin only (the other stuff on spins.fp.o doesn't get mirrored), so if this is too much work for the one spin, I'll accept that. I just think it'd be nice to offer the option.

    1. Sure, what are the mirror links? I'd be happy to get them added.

  3. Thanks for offering the historical retrospective on the websites redesign – this is a great "how things work in Fedora" story.
    Since we're going to have to go through a similar process to finish up the rest of the websites (as you and the others above have pointed out already), is there anything else about the process (other than "avoid last minute everything-at-once workdeath") you'd like to change? I know for FI, I'm going to try to assign individuals to host worksprints (instead of assigning individuals to simply do tasks) so we can get things done together faster – many hands make light work, and it's also just more fun.

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