Fedora 9 is out! Go get it!

What are you waiting for?


  1. The intertubes to stop melting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    NVIDIA drivers that work with Compiz

    1. NVIDIA… no love.
      Yeah, there's that too. I suppose blaming binary drivers will get me about as far as… running the previous release until everything catches up. Boo!

  3. I'm waiting for better media art, so I can print directly on my CDs with my printer, and print all the different variations… architecture/live vs. DVD/etc.

    1. wow seriously?
      we did x86 live media and x86 DVD for the professional print run, here is the artwork from that: <a href="http://people.redhat.com/duffy/misc/f9-discs/” target=”_blank”>http://people.redhat.com/duffy/misc/f9-discs/
      The source artwork is all there and available for whatever variations you'd like to make.

  4. Print Media
    The link on the wiki just shows the two discs, and source, not the link to your people.redhat.com site
    But, having to modify the graphics is kind of a let-down, having had such a good experience with previous releases.
    I don't want alignment marks or anything. I just need a file that is the right size that I can send to my Epson R320 printer that will print. If I have to modify it in GIMP or Inkscape, I'm not inclined to do so.
    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the artwork, and the effort people put into it. It just seems that we're a few meters short of the finish line this round.
    I have printable discs, and none of the released, visible media really works for me. I *have* to modify it.
    If Fedora *only* released source, and said… go, build it yourself… well, I'm sure you know how that'd go over. I'm just saying. If you want to know why I'm waiting, that's really it. I'm downloading live images and using USB sticks, but I really like printing disc media and showing off how well it works… except when it doesn't.

    1. Re: Print Media
      I haven't uploaded the media and sources because the files are quite large (eps) and it's not real fun to do in moin. We'll be switching over to media wiki soon enough that I'm content to wait.
      If you actually requested templates using the combination of arches/spins/etc that you are interested in (I would honestly rather have folks on the art team working on other things then iterating out any possible combination of things for the labels, they are very, very simple to modify, you don't even need to open inkscape to modify them) and mailed it to fedora-art-list and asked nicely some folks might help you out.
      I don't see this release being much different than previous releases wrt media labels. Artwork source in this case is QUITE different than the source for an entire Linux distribution. The SVG is basically a plain text file you can open up and modify the text in, you can even script it if you want.

      1. Re: Print Media
        Ms. Duffy,
        I understand why, and how, and appreciate the open communication. If I end up getting what I need out of it, I promise, I'll let you know.
        Oh, and I certainly didn't mean to imply or compare the media art source to a linux distro source (though I did…). I just meant, if someone like me walked up to the wiki and saw what I saw, they'd be like, Hmm, I guess Fedora only cares about me printing off the labels they show.
        Last release, I think I got pointed from the wiki to png files on your people.redhat.com site that I just grabbed, opened with the GIMP, and printed with Gutenprint, directly on the CD.
        This time, I didn't get a pointer, until I posted a comment, and I got good instructions on how to do it myself. It's like the bus just dropped me off 100 feet from the stop, and the driver said, "get out and walk".
        Heh, and then the bus pulls up to the stop, and all the geeks get on and off, because they can script, have admin access, know how to use the art tools or whatever.
        Maybe there should be an official "script" or application that takes a source SVG for the image, and spits out all the arches/spins/etc. Even a link on the wiki to how to do it would go a long way… I think I can figure it out, based on what you told me. I guess I'm suggesting we (you? me? someone?) bring it full circle.
        Going back to the bus metaphor, it is more like the bus made a stop at a stop sign down the block from the stop… the driver doesn't really say, "get out and walk", but I got out, because the bus stopped. I must be a noob, not knowing where the stop is, just knowing that the stop is where I really wanted to get off the bus.
        I am saying that the png files for all the arches and spins would have have been like the bus stop, but it stopped short. I understand why, and I'm not saying that it should be different, but I am saying that *I* would have appreciated it, and it might go that extra mile… er… 100 feet, or block, or whatever.

        1. Re: Print Media
          The files I produced would have been on the wiki alongside the others except for the fact that after a lot of lost work and time I am stubbornly refusing to use moin to upload large files until MediaWiki is available (which will be Real Soon Now). This is entirely my fault and I apologize for that, but I don't know what more I can do. The only difference between this release and f8 wrt the artwork is that for F8 everything was on the wiki and this time around you had to ask for the link, other than that I really don't understand the comparison.
          The Fedora art team has a workload that rather exponentially exceeds the potential grasp of the team giving the number of people, time, and resources that we have. We cannot always get you to your final destination, sometimes you have to walk a few blocks. I'm sorry about that but there is not much more I can do… If you are passionate enough about it we would LOVE your help on this stuff. If you wanted to help us with the media labels for every list, to assure that common labels are available and easily accessible, please by all means!

          1. Re: Print Media
            for every release, not list, something wrong with the connection between my brain and keyboard today.

          2. Re: Print Media
            I'll sleep on that invite. I guess I shouldn't talk if I'm not willing to contribute.
            That said, I figured out why my CDs don't print the same way as the ones from Fedora 8.
            Those images worked great for two reasons
            – There were variants for different spins.
            I had to move up to the parent directory to get the DVDs/full color/etc. and there wasn't KDE artwork, but hey… beggars can only complain on blogs, not be choosers.
            -The png files were cropped to 4.5 inches.
            So, when I open the F8 images up in GIMP and print to CD, I don't have a huge circle around them. I'm not smart enough to say, "my printer will print the whole image, I should crop the F9 images to 4.5 inches."
            Then I come and complain on Mo's blog.
            So, I guess I should either join the project, or just request that someone render artwork for all the spins/arches and produce cropped files.
            Well, I did just open up an SVG file and change "x86" to "64-bit". That worked great! Thanks! Maybe I can figure out the crop in the GIMP, and print the CD I'm expecting.
            One step closer to world domination.

          3. Re: Print Media
            I must have spent at least 40 full hours doing the media artwork for F8. Seriously. I will never do that many iterations again. 🙂
            Would it help to have glabels templates for the media labels so you can just use glabels to add whatever text you want on top? Glabels makes it really easy to print to CD labels – and that way we can do one generic design that is dead simple to modify?

          4. Re: Print Media
            Does glabels print directly to media? Last time we (we meaning you and me — check your old blog posts from previous releases) it was kind of weird and I wasn't sure, but then you provided a cropped file and I stopped worrying.
            I don't have any labels, just printable media. Guess it's time to look at it again.
            I'm thinking a cropped svg file would be all that I'd need, and I can do the arch/spin changes myself with a text editor. Guess I had better learn to do that in The GIMP.
            Thanks for the banter, and thanks for working so hard on the Fedora artwork.

          5. Re: Print Media
            glabels does can print directly to media, you just need a template that is just 4.5" for the CD.
            thanks for being patient and working this thru with me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for your excellent artwork. I would try it if I could get it but it's not always easy, but just for the screen shots I can tell it's beautiful. Eugenio.

    1. Re: Thanks
      Thanks for the kind words 🙂 May I ask what obstacles you're running into getting F9? Maybe I can help?
      (I have a Live CD sitting on my desk I could send to you)

      1. Anonymous says:

        Thanks again
        It's just a matter of bandwidth, I'm in Argentina (south America), and can't get a lot from Internet. Thanks for your offer but I will ask someone that can download it for me, and then share it with some friends. Sooner or later we'll get it.

        1. Re: Thanks again
          Hey Eugenio, I would be very very happy to send a CD to you! Send me your address, to duffy &at** redhat ||DOT; com and I'll send it!!

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