Fedora 9 Theme

Have a cool idea for a Fedora theme? Ever look at one of the old Fedora themes and think you could do better? Now is the time to propose your ideas for Fedora 9.
The deadline is 8 January, 2008. What format do you need to submit your idea in? You need to write a brief paragraph about how your idea relates to Fedora (infinity, freedom, community) and 3 sketches to demonstrate some visual ideas of how your idea could be depicted, linking these from the Fedora 9 wiki page. All of the details are on the Fedora 9 Themes page. Even if you are not an artist, now is the time to make your idea known and shop it around to your favorite artist to see if they like the idea an will help implement it. 😉


  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm already looking forward to F9's theme. To watch all those ingenious artists at work through all the rounds.
    Unfortunately, I have no creativity and no talent or I'd commit something too and I'm certain many in the Fedora community are in the same situation. It's us who count on the arts team and we know we're not betting on the wrong horse when we entrust this important task to that great team with its great leader.
    You yourself are doing a great job as artist too and I hope we'll see F9 artwork from you too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love that Fedora always seems to be the most passionate and open distribution when it comes to artwork. Please, keep it up :).

  3. Good call, the deadline is close and we have only 3 designs so far (which are quite, uhm… weak).
    If we don't get at least a couple more in the following week, maybe we can start thinking about a deadline delay.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would just like to comment the themes I saw so far…
    Waves looks nice but please don't make the wallpaper too simple. It is hard for me to explain because english is not my primary language.
    Simplicity is nice, but oversimplicity is not 🙂
    So please what ever theme you choose do it with enough style not to be too simple.
    Thank you.

    1. Re: waves…
      If you'd like your feedback to be heard by the art team I encourage you to speak up on fedora-art-list. Thanks!

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