spins.fpo bling update & plea for your photos!

Just a quick update on where the blingy spins.fpo is at right now – it’s doubtful it will be ready in time for f8’s release but we’re still making some progress. much much more detail behind the link.
and now, a word from our sponsors:

we need your photos for the spins.fpo site!

please please please, if you have photos of yourself that could be used to represent any of the following spins that you are willing to license under creative commons BY-SA 3.0, please please please email fedora-art-list@redhat.com! we would LOVE to use pictures of real Fedora users for the graphics on the spins.fpo site (see the mockup with placeholder photos – this is where they would be used).

  • electronics lab – got a pic of yourself holding circuit boards and/or a soldering iron? or, um, other electronics-y things? we need you!
  • KDE spin – are you a big-time KDE user? got a photo of yourself wearing a KDE tshirt or doing some other activity that visually represents KDE enjoyment? (Cleeee! I know you must have some!!) send it in!
  • Developer spin – are you a Fedora developer? got a photo of yourself from say a FUDcon or other event where you’re whiteboarding with other folks working on a development problem? How about a pic of yourself in front of the computer deep into debugging some issue? send it!
  • Games spin – are you crazy about games? did you wear a costume of your favorite video game character for Halloween this year? got a picture of yourself holding a joystick? we need it!
  • any other spins i may be forgetting!!!

Now’s your chance to be famous on fpo!!! 🙂
(p.s. thanks to Manuel Amador for already having submitted his photos!)


  1. kde promo photos
    Here's an interesting collection that me be of some use:
    or just to brighten your day. 🙂

  2. hats?
    Humm… I wonder if instead of people for each spin it wouldn't make sense to make each spin have a hat of some kind as the logo?
    Ie, fedora – fedora of course
    Xfce spin – baseball cap
    developer spin – hard hat
    games spin – one of those crazy hats with the straws and bottles in it
    just a thought.
    – nirik

    1. Anonymous says:

      Re: hats?
      it's a good idea, but for historical reasons we can't associate hats with the fedora brand.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As for FEL, you can use trond' set: <a href="http://flickr.com/photos/trondd/sets/72157602788210383/” target=”_blank”>http://flickr.com/photos/trondd/sets/72157602788210383/

  4. Anonymous says:

    You're welcome
    (Rudd-O sez) a backlink to rudd-o dot com would have been nicer 🙂
    have a fantastic day!

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