Working with gradient meshes in Inkscape & Scribus to produce print-ready artwork

I recorded a ~20-minute video tutorial demonstrating how to work with mesh gradients in Inkscape, importing them into Scribus and producing print-ready CMYK artwork. You can watch it above embedded from YouTube or on my personal LinuxRocks PeerTube channel. (I don’t know how to embed PeerTube properly in WordPress, if you do, let me know! 🙂 )

A Fedora tablecloth

The background to this video is Fedora Design ticket #808, which includes a request for a new Fedora tablecloth design for use at events. I recorded this while I worked on creating the 8 ft. long version of the tablecloth, having already produced the 6 ft. version and deciding this might make a good tutorial. 🙂

This is the GIMP photomanip mockup of what we produce the final artwork for in the video:

This is what the vendor template looks like for a table cloth (I was really curious myself how they might have the template set up for this):

Outline of material covered in the video

  • The video starts with a short explanation of the background of the project. (0:00)
  • Next, we cover how to create gradient meshes in Inkscape. (0:50)
  • I then talk about and demonstrate how to import a gradient mesh created in Inkscape into Scribus. (10:14)
  • We place the logo artwork in Scribus. (14:35)
  • We set the CMYK colors in the Scribus file. (19:30)
  • We export the print-ready art file. (22:50)

Follow along, take a look at the assets

If you want to follow along with the tutorial using the same assets, they are all available in the Fedora Design ticket:

I hope this helps someone. Enjoy 🙂

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