Fedora-branded sticker sheet of 12 panda and badger stickers from Fedora badges

Return of the son of the panda badger

Personal Note: I haven’t blogged in a year! ? I’ve been gone for the past few months on leave, but I’ve been back for the past 3-4 weeks – no more excuses. Let’s just get back into things here!

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#579 Let’s bring back pandas! (sticker sheet request)


Fedora-branded sticker sheet of 12 panda and badger stickers from Fedora badges

Here’s an initial mockup of a new sticker sheet design for Fedora! It features artwork from Fedora Badges. (Actually, now that I think of it, it would be nice to have a licensing notice for the artwork along the bottom or side of the sheet.) The idea behind this is just to be a fun piece of swag to give away at events.

Before my leave, we produced a Fedora Diversity sticker sheet that has proven to be very popular at events, so it’s time for our panda and badger friends to have their time to shine I think 🙂


we need your help!

I could use feedback on the design. The magenta lines are the cutlines for the stickers – and they are very rough because I haven’t finalized them. (I’m using Inkscape’s dynamic offset feature to create them – I’m keeping them as dynamic offset paths for now so I can easily adjust the outlines based on vendor feedback. Once I’m sure I have the right amount of bleed/clearance for the cuts, I will convert to paths and smooth any bumps or oddities out.) But anything other than those outlines is fair game for feedback!

I’m hoping to get something print ready and orderable by Monday – I know this is short notice ? – it’s the end of a quarter so it means we can use up some budget on the printing if we can get it in under the wire.

Please leave any feedback you may have in the ticket. Go raibh maith agat mo chairde! (Thank you friends!)

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