Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Tuffy Infants 2

Tuffy Infants 2 is a font derived from the Tuffy fonts created by Thatcher Ulrich. The Tuffy fonts are a really cool example of how folks around the world can work together to create new things under open licenses. Thatcher, who is from New York released his first Tuffy under the public domain in 2004. Jowaco, from York in the UK, created both Tuffy Infants 2 and Tuffy 5 as derivatives of Thatcher’s original Tuffy fonts.
That being said, Tuffy Infants 2 is a sans-serif font. Note I’m not an expert on classifying fonts, but I believe it is a humanist sans-serif font like last week’s font, Junction. Looking at the loop in the lowercase k, the finial in the lowercase ‘a’, ‘m’, and ‘d’ – among other parts of the letterforms – there seems to be variation in line with a humanist-style font.
Tuffy Infants 2 is nice, clean yet organic – and it also has a very fun feel from the merry curves of its letterforms. Jowaco suggests it would be used well for teachers creating type for their students.
Tuffy Infants 2 has no license – it is under the public domain.

So, you want to package Tuffy Infants 2?

Beautiful! You’re super fly! You’ll want to follow the first steps here next to the ‘if you intend to do some packaging’ header:

Our fonts packaging policy, which the above refers to, is documented here:

And if you have any questions throughout the process, don’t hesitate to ask on the Fedora Fonts SIG mailing list:

Last Week’s Font

Last week’s font was Junction by Caroline Hadilaksono. Nobody has picked up the font package request yet! Would you like to?


  1. János Vir&aac says:

    Dear Máirín Duffy!
    Most of the fonts mentioned earlier – including this one – are unusable for us in Hungary (and in many other countries ).
    Those missing peculiar accented letters (ő, Ő, etc) render them useless.
    Perhaps you should mention the character coverage of the fonts as well.
    J. Virágh

    1. That's the trouble with almost all of those "artistic" fonts, they cover only the "latin" charset, lacking the glyphs for any specific language. Your are not supposed o use them extensively, for body text, just for headlines, logo design, effect and such.
      Personally, I use a couple of projects (in Romanian language) so I had to edit them with FontForge and add the needed glyphs.
      What I find annoying, is we lack accented letters even from *important* fonts for Fedora, like MgOpen (I know nothing about font hinting, so it would be useless to try sending patches upstream).

    2. Hi J. – this is a very good point. I always mean to mention how good the character coverage is in the font, but as you might imagine I have a lot of data that goes into each font post and I seem to keep forgetting to mention coverage. Thanks to your reminder, I added some notes on coverage to this week's font, League Gothic (https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/2/23/Fontsample-league_gothic2.png). Keep reminding me, I will try my best to always mention coverage.

  2. I agree with Janos. Some fonts don't have accent needed other latin language llike French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. so it would be nice to mention them.
    Other than those points, it is good get more free fonts so FOSS will be richer.

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  5. Janos virágh says:

    Another more recent Tuffy variant:

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