I know. I *know*.

I couldn’t help it. I’m a girl. I gotta work on the hair though…
Done in Gimp 2.7.0 with a Wacom tablet on Fedora 12.


  1. Couldn't help what? /me is confused.
    Nice painting though. 🙂 You should take a look at trunk Krita (http://krita.org) some time. Some really nice painting tools in there.

    1. It's a painting of Edward who is a character from the series Twilight; kind of an embarrassing subject to paint but I couldn't help it because I saw the latest movie last night and have had it on the brain. 🙂
      Is trunk Krita far from the release? 1.6.3 is packaged in Fedora 12…

      1. freedomsoftware says:

        Ahhh… It's much easier to see in the full version than the preview (put the cursor over the image for anyone else reading).
        I asked the maintainer that fairly recently, and from the sounds of it its only a few weeks off. See the koffice 2.1 roadmap. The main thing thats really different is that rather than having all the tools in the toolbar, you choose one tool (say paint) and then a brush type from the dropdown at the top (eg spray, chalk, smudge, filter, clone) and then if you wish click the preview to the right to configure it further. You can save these predefined brushes in a pallete that pops up at the cursor. When I first tried it I thought they hadn't done a clone tool / airbrush / text / eraser tool yet because they were nowhere to be seen in the toolbar. Different, but very flexible when you get used to it (especially the filter and spray brushes).
        Anyway, sorry for the book. This was just the one thing that took me ages to figure out!

        1. No, thank you for the book! That sounds badass I can't wait until 2.1 comes out 🙂

      2. Krita 2.1 will be released this week, I think, next week at the latest. That should be quite stable and has a number of fun features, especially in the area of brush engines. What is now in trunk will be released for 2.2, and that will take some time, though we're still discussing the next release schedule. Right now, trunk is a bit unstable, especially compared to the 2.1 release.

  2. By the way… Home grown carrots ftw! 😀

    1. Thanks 🙂 They tasted delicious 🙂

  3. I've been following you from Planet GNOME, and I thought you were kinda my perfect type: a beautiful, smart girl who also happens to have really good artistic talent and (best of all), a Linux geek.
    And now you draw Edward Cullen.
    If only you had drawn Jacob Black, at least.
    My heart is broken 😀
    Cool drawing anyhow.

    1. Maybe I will draw him next.
      I like Edward's character better, but in the movies, I think Jacob is way more attractive. 😉

  4. Pretty good 🙂 I would say a bit more work on the nose rather than hair, it draws more attention.

  5. Did you sketch it on paper first, or you did everything via gimp/tablet?

    1. I did everything in Gimp on my tablet, but of course I started with a sketch first. This is what the sketch layer looks like:

  6. Another one bites the dust! 🙁

  7. Something about the jaw seems off – not square enough, and I don't think his jawline actually angles up that steeply from his chin to his ears. But I haven't watched any of the movies, just seen the INCESSANT PARADE OF POSTERS EVERYWHERE ZOMG, so I could be wrong.
    The cheekbones are right on. 🙂

  8. That's so sexist! 😉

      1. I think in response to the "I'm a girl" excuse.

        1. If so that's a pretty stupid joke.

          1. wyrfel says:

            I must disagree, just because i had a similar thought to mmc. Thinking back to the Shuttleworth debate, that was pretty much about his equation of 'being a girl' with 'xyz' …. what is the difference. Now you are equating being a girl with painting pictures of embarrassing subjects. How will the community of established female artists (yeah, i will consider you one of them 😉 ) feel about such a non-inclusive statement? Where is that statement coming from, anyway? What is it about a girl that makes a girl prone to painting an embarrassing subject like that? What is the difference to a man doing it? On reflection, is there any substance to the remark at all? Wasn't that the whole point of the discussion back then…it's so easy to hook oneself up with someone elses unreflected use of language…but when it happens to ourselves and someone points that out it's a bad joke? What is the difference, really?

          2. You can disagree all you want. The difference here is that the Twilight series of books is specifically written for teenage girls. Linux is NOT (supposed to be) written specifically for socially-inept male nerds.
            Your pontification is moronic.

          3. wyrfel says:

            Ahh well, i guess sometimes the moron in me just can't keep quiet.

          4. Please note I called the pontification moronic, not you. I don't know you well enough to make that kind of judgement 🙂

          5. wyrfel says:

            Noted. 😉 Ahh…did i mention…i actually like the hair.

  9. Not having seen Twilight, I would've thought it was a pretty good painting of David Tennant as The Doctor. I'm not sure whether that's less fangirlish, though. 🙂

    1. Martijn says:

      That's what I thought. He looks a bit pale though..

      1. He is kinda – well – dead….

  10. Which Wacom do you have? I've got a Bamboo Fun 4×5, and…well, I'm an Ubuntu user, not Fedora, but I assume F12 & Karmic have the same version of X, so… My experience was that it mostly worked around September in Ubuntu Karmic, but the buttons on the tablet were useless. And currently the buttons on the tablet work, but they kill my laptop's touchpad's buttons until reboot. I suspect they've figured out how to re-init the Wacom driver to get more pieces working but haven't figured out how to re-de-init enough times to return to a sane number of devices.

    1. I have no idea how tablets work in Ubuntu – I've never used Ubuntu. My guess is since Peter Hutterer (deeply involved in the wacom driver cleanup effort) and ajax (involved in xorg.conf-less X for tablets) work primarily on Fedora that the state of Wacom support in Fedora is going to be newer and better. I've not ever had to 're-de-init' or such my drivers in order to get all the buttons on the tablet and normal buttons and mousing controls – they just work for me without any futzing. I'm using a Thinkpad x61 with a built-in Wacom digitizer.
      Peter is actually actively looking for feedback on the Wacom driver so now is a very good opportunity to suggest any new features / improvements / fixes. I haven't run into the problems you have, but if you want I can get you in touch with him and maybe he can make sure the drivers will work better as he works on the revamp.

  11. Ok, I think I might never understand the popularity of this series. Maybe I should look into the books, at least to figure out all of the noise about it.
    As much as I am "Meh" about your muse, it's a muse… nothing to be ashamed of, noting needed to explained. I will agree with you, the hair is a bit of a sore spot… not bad, but nothing that stands out and is a bit too stringy for the hair type. Other than that… it's good, I am just lost.

    1. I didn't understand it either then I gave one of the books a try and found my self buying the full set and reading through all of them (some 2400 pages) in a week…

  12. have u made an ogg speed painting screencast of it ?

    1. That's a good idea but unfortunately no. I wish Pitivi had a filter to speed things up. It'd make that sort of thing much easier.

  13. Cool! Not a fan of Twilight myself but the vampire palette is good and give a feel of fear.

  14. Guess I am a guy, since I had to do research in order lo learn who is the character (not seen any Twilight movie so far). But I can definitely say: nice craft!

  15. Why would you need to help it, I suppose you are totally OK as being a girl. And nice drawing!

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