Thanks for FUDcon Berlin!

I just wanted to write a quick post to thank everyone involved with FUDcon Berlin. It was definitely an extremely well-organized trip (it really showed), and a wonderful experience. I travelled to the conference by myself, so you can imagine I had quite a bit of anxiety about finding my way around and getting settled in, but things like the Attendee Survival Kit and travel info on the wiki made it a very comfortable trip. Folks went out of their way to be helpful and I really appreciate that. I was also very happy to finally meet in person many of the European folks I’ve worked with over the years and never had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face! I was able to get quite a few things done while there, including:

  • Met with Joel Granados and coming up with some ideas for improving the anaconda storage UI;
  • Met with Thomas Woerner about the system-config-firewall UI and brainstormed some improvements for it;
  • Gave a talk to talk about Fedora Community, and got a lot of *great* ideas for future features from folks in the session;
  • Gave a UI design clinic talk where we went through Bacula’s interface and hopefully effectively demonstrated at least part of the UI design process (I’ve gotten a few emails afterwards about it so I think the demonstration of the design process worked 🙂 );
  • Gave some demos of Fedora at the LinuxTag booth, including a demo of Fedora’s tablet capabilities showing off handwriting recognition;
  • Took a ton of photos; hopefully some can be useful for the Fedora picture book;
  • Took a photo survey of the event signage, in hopes that the Design Team can create an event signage kit with templates for future events;
  • Made a cool poster of event participants and a video showing how the poster was made in Inkscape with Nicu. 🙂

Overall, a very productive and enjoyable trip, so thanks again!

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  1. Duh! I didn't know about the tablet part, wish I knew about it and attended…

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