The Codename for F12 has been Announced…

And it is:


    1. It's a joke. If you don't think it's funny, you can move along. Sorry.

  1. Sean says:

    That'd be a neat trick since it wasn't even on the voting list. :oP

  2. Sean says:

    Ah, i see, the Hippocoon's name is Constantine…

  3. Seriously? The second part of that is a pretty offensive racial slur in some parts of the world (well, in English as far as I knew, but hey, maybe it's a British thing)

    1. It was a joke. I apologize if the word 'hippo-coon' is a racial slur and you were offended. That was obviously not the point. I have never heard of either part of the word 'hippo-coon' being a racial slur – not in the northeastern US as far as I know at least.
      'Hippo-coon' was a code name that had been proposed but was rejected early in the process.

      1. Stephen Gentle says:

        'Coon' can be a racial slur against people of African decent, but I've only heard of it being used in Australia about Australian Aborigines. It's also the brand name of a cheese here, but that's unrelated – it was (apparently) named after Edward Coon, the creator of a cheese making process, although there has been some controversy about the name…

      2. Rob Taylor says:

        Yeah, my first thought on seeing this (as a brit) was also to the racist implications of the word 'coon' – . Ah well, you can't go checking for implied racism for all locales…

      3. Oh don't worry, I'm not offended (though I have had that word used 'against' me before…), just seemed a rather risky choice of words!
        Obviously there was no harm meant. I didn't realise it was a joke suggestion, really thought that'd be the F12 codename. And who could blame me after the Ubuntu distro names?

  4. So, enjoying your tablet PC? 😉

  5. Angie says:

    look! It can be retrofitted!

  6. I was crossing my fingers for piranhamoose. Just think of the dual screen monitor wallpaper.

  7. awesome, you are more open mind than ubuntu folks, they rejected "the epileptic elephant". feel free to name F13 like that

  8. Tack says:

    And this is what I thought of:

  9. adam says:

    How can it be? it wasn't legal approved.

    1. It was just a joke. Seriously. See above.

  10. Thanks for sharing

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