Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

My New Shoes
My New Shoes (Side)
My New Shoes (Front)
(Thanks to Greg Dekonigsberg for the link to Keds Studio.)

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Mango Coconut Yuba Twist Curry with Garlic-Ginger Bok Choi and Green Tea Brown RiceVegetarian Italian FeastGarlic-Ginger Bok ChoiBaked Seitan Cutlets

Mango Coconut Yuba Twist Curry with Garlic-Ginger Bok Choi or Italian Tomato & Red Pepper Seitan Cutlets with Linguine sound yummy? Check out Mo+Ray’s Kitchen, my vegetarian food blog with Ray Strode.

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  1. Kris says:

    Those shoes are funky! 😀

  2. Nice shoes 😀
    And I love your food blog…I'm only having a look into it now and then, though and never found the time to cook anything from it. But for me, it's the #1 proof that vegetarian food is at least as tasty and diversified as non-vegetarian food.
    Once in a while I should allow you guys to invite me for a fine turkey-free thanksgiving day or so 😉

  3. At least, a food post written by Ray! I started to think he leave all the hard work on you :p
    PS: I still wait for those fruity pizzas Tatica teased us about…

  4. @red: thanks for reading 🙂 If you do try any of the recipes and need advice let us know! We'll definitely at least try to do a good feast for Thanksgiving and post lots of pictures and recipes 🙂

  5. @Nicu: yes! Although I did all the photo work and typing.
    I want to make fruity pizzas…. I'm going to try soon!

  6. rstrode says:

    Hey i've proofread every blog post and made changes to each one before they've gotten published!

  7. Craig says:

    Custom shoes … fun 🙂 [scared to show that to my GF though… although with all the things you can get made for you, especially if you are handy with CAD, it's an exciting time 🙂 ]

  8. raven.oscar says:

    Thanks for sharing all that recipes with us. But it is hard to read them all without food in the fridge and when all shops are closed =)
    The idea with shoes seems to be pretty unusual.

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