I’ll be back next week.

South Shore, Whidbey Island Ray and Mo at the Space Needle Space Needle Seattle Ferryboat Pike Place Farmer's Market
Seattle's Chinatown Sam's Seattle Underground Chinatown, Portland Oregon Portland Snow in July
Portland Sunset Portland Sunset River City Bikes, Portland Public Garden Rose City Sky
Kalga Kafe, Portland Mo's Chai Seattle's Best in Seattle San Diego Bay Sailboat The Fremont Troll
Deception Pass Tree Whidbey Daises Whidbey Woods South Shore, Whidbey Island Pacific Beach, San Diego
Monkey Love! Mountains of Seattle      


  1. "This photo is private.
    Oops! You don't have permission to view this photo."
    Some of the photos above are marked as private in Flickr, is a mistake or are they really private (and then, the thumbnails aren't?).

    1. Some of them are marked as private if you're not on my flickr buddy list. The thumbnails aren't. Sorry about that.

      1. OK, I can see Ray's coffee cup well enough in the thumbnail 😀

        1. Hey if you have a flickr account I'd be happy to add you too. 🙂

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