Fedora 21 needs your beautiful photos!

We need your submissions to make beautiful wallpapers available for Fedora 21! The supplemental wallpaper submission process is open and we’re ready for your work!

Questions You May Have

I don’t want to upload photos to the wiki. It’s a pain!! Haven’t you fixed this by now?

Zzzzzzap! Excuse removed! It is easier than ever to submit supplemental wallpapers – our lovingly hand-crafted custom wallpaper submission app, Nuancier, is now ready for your submissions! No more wiki submissions! (And the crowd goes wild!)

Nuancier, the new Fedora wallpaper submission app.
Nuancier, the new Fedora wallpaper submission app.

Can I have a cookie if I submit some wallpapers?

We’ll do you one better. Yes, even better than a cookie are the special-edition, Fedora 21-specific Fedora Badges you will earn for participating in the supplemental wallpaper process.
In order, we’ve got:

So go out and get ’em, tiger!

When do I need to submit by?

You’ve got plenty of time – the deadline is August 16 2014 at 23:59 UTC. But!! The luxury of time you have is no excuse!
Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere will of course be out gallivating and having all sorts of summer fun – and you know this whole wallpaper thing will totally slip your mind while you’re on the beach or having a picnic in the park. So do it now!!! (Of course, you should also take a picture of the beach, take a picture of the birds in the trees, and submit then too!!) And our Fedora friends in the Southern Hemisphere – well, you’re going to be bundling up and trying to stay warm…. or if you’re near the equator you’ll be trying to stay cool… things that will keep you busy enough perhaps to forget about these wallpapers. You can prevent this! Submit your work now, while you’re thinking about it!

Okay, okay. I’m in. What are the guidelines? What are you looking for?

There is definitely a glut of photos of cats in the world, so if you’re going to submit a photo of a cat, it’s really got to stand out and be amazing. Keep that in mind. Also, if it’s a picture you would worry about showing to your dad or your mom, we probably don’t want to see it either. 🙂
Okay, okay. You want the real requirements. Gnokii made a great post that dives into the specific requirements here, and Nuancier also has a list as a review/reminder when you start the submission process.
It is quite important that you are willing to openly license your submissions – Fedora believes the open sharing of software and content is important for everyone, so we try to reflect that in our wallpaper artwork as well. Gnokii’s post goes into more detail on the specific licenses.

Hope to see your submissions!!



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