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Fedora Design Team Meeting 21 April 2015



  • Libre Graphics Meeting: decause asked if any team members are planning to go to Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 next week. He and riecatnor were thinking about going. Nobody else in the meeting had plans to go.
  • Flock talk proposal deadline extension: The deadline for Flock talk proposals has been extended to May 2, so we reminded folks to get their design team talk proposals in.
  • Fedora websites update: Mo noted that she and robyduck have made a lot of progress on the spins.fedoraproject.org redesign and the new labs.fpo website. If you are interested in the work it’s in github: https://github.com/fedoradesign/fedora-spins.

Tickets Needing Feedback

Tickets Needing Updates

Tickets Needing Triage

  • Update Design Team Wiki – Kirk and Yogi decided to take this one on as a team and have already made some progress!

Completed Tickets

LinuxFest NorthWest Ad

Maria did a beautiful job on this design. We closed the ticket since it’s all complete!

Tickets Open For You to Take!

We triaged this ticket in the meeting and it’s all ready for a designer to pick it up and work on it! Could that be you? 🙂

See you next time?

Our meetings are every 2 weeks; we send reminders to the design-team mailing list and you can also find out if there is a meeting by checking out the design team category on FedoCal.


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