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The vision for fedoracommunity.org

Fedora has a lot of local community websites. A somewhat recent addition to the mix is Fedora’s local community domain program, whereby a local Fedora community can obtain a *.fedoracommunity.org domain to point to their self-hosted website.
In the midst of a thread on the advisory-board mailing list, it became clear that it would be a good thing to have a single place where folks seeking out their particular local Fedora community could go to find it, rather than searching in multiple places for their community. In the thread, a Fedora Infrastructure ticket to this end was also referenced.

The work so far

Matt Domsch created the barebones portal page for this directory that is up on fedoracommunity.org now, asking for assistance in making it a nicer-looking site. I posted an initial mockup for feedback in reply, and since then have iterated a few times based on the feedback I’ve gotten. I’ve been working with Sijis Aviles, who very quickly took my early mockups and produced a first cut at an HTML/CSS version of them.
A few design decisions have been made throughout this process that you might want to be aware of:

How you can help


  1. Definitely looks awesome
    The site of our community in Mexico needs a lot of tinkering and maintenance,
    could do with a redesign (currently it's only a hosted WordPress blog).
    Of course, I'd be happy to help.

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  3. I would suggest a different order of those region buttons. They seem very confusing to me presently. I would expect them in the same order as the regions are in the map above. That means "Americas -> Europe -> Africa -> Asia". Maybe Africa and Europe swapped, that doesn't matter, even though the first order is more expected by visitors.
    I don't want to have them sorted by "importance" or whatnot. But the order should follow some pattern (and I haven't found one in current order). Button order following map order seem reasonable (and intuitive) for me.

    • Hi Kamil!!! Great catch! I actually meant for them to be in alphabetical order (it seemed fairest), but I started switching which colors were used for which country and I think I set them out-of-order. Whoops. And I totally missed it. I like your idea of listing them in order of the map. Actually, Remy even suggested having the full world map at the top clickable as well, which I think would also make it easier to navigate.
      Thanks for the great idea, we'll most certainly update the design to include it!

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