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A diagram in the shape of an F. We start at the bottom, with a green ball labeled "Desktop User." As we move up the stem of the F (labeled "Development"), there are two branches: (1) an orange "Web/App Developer" branch, and (2) An "IoT Developer" branch. The Web/App developer branch has 3 connected nodes. The first node is labeled, "Local container-based development." The second node is labeled "Container-based development with remote Fedora CoreOS. The third node is labeled "Container-based development on K8S-based runtime." For the IoT developer branch, there are two nodes: "Fedora IoT on device, local container-based development" and "IoT devices at scale" are the labels for those two nodes. To the left of the F-shaped diagram is a circle labeled " registry" with arrows pointing from the two branches to it (the paths of containers, perhaps.)

A new conceptual model for Fedora

Fedora’s web presence today It’s no news now that Fedora has a new logo, and what you may not realize is that we do not have a new website – when we began the new logo rollout process, we simply updated the logo in-place on our pre-existing website. The thing is – and this is …