F8 Media Labels

Here’s some labels for you to print out to get ready for F8’s release 🙂 DVD x86: [ Inkscape SVG ]  [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  DVD x86_64: [ Inkscape SVG ]  [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  DVD ppc: [ Inkscape SVG ]   [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  Live CD x86: [ Inkscape SVG ]  [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  Live CD x86_64: [ Inkscape SVG ]  [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  Live Cd ppc: [ Inkscape SVG ]   [ glabels file ]  [ PNG ]&nbsp  The werewolf design is by Nicu! EDIT: Since the SVGs above are not ideal for printing as-is, I’ve made PNGs available too that are the exact size needed. I tested some of them by printing them out from the GIMP and they seemed to print out the right size… but do let me know if you have problems printing these new PNGs out let me know! And if you’re having issues with the glabels file let me know too.

spins.fpo bling update & plea for your photos!

Just a quick update on where the blingy spins.fpo is at right now – it’s doubtful it will be ready in time for f8’s release but we’re still making some progress. much much more detail behind the link. and now, a word from our sponsors: we need your photos for the spins.fpo site! please please please, if you have photos of yourself that could be used to represent any of the following spins that you are willing to license under creative commons BY-SA 3.0, please please please email fedora-art-list@redhat.com! we would LOVE to use pictures of real Fedora users for the graphics on the spins.fpo site (see the mockup with placeholder photos – this is where they would be used). electronics lab – got a pic of yourself holding circuit boards and/or a soldering iron? or, um, other electronics-y things? we need you! KDE spin – are you a big-time KDE user? got a photo of yourself wearing a KDE tshirt or doing some other activity that visually represents KDE enjoyment? (Cleeee! I know you must have some!!) send it in! Developer spin – are you a Fedora developer? got a photo of yourself from say a FUDcon or other …

Translating Japanese

Don’t understand Japanese but want to get a rough translation? Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC is the best place to do this. Copy and paste the Japanese text into his translation tool (translate words in Japanese text). I usually use babelfish for translations but I know they don’t do Japanese; Jim Breen’s site is one of those things you know about if you’re learning Japanese so I thought I’d share.

More Spins Stuff

I came up with a sketch to kind of explain what a spin is and decided to make it nice in Inkscape (still not quite finished yet but close): So here it is in the spins.fedoraproject.org front page mockup: Also here’s what it will look like if you click “get it now!” for one of the spins: (maybe the graphic in the upper right is too much?) Any feedback, suggestions, assistance, etc welcomed. 🙂

Would you want to be Fedora?

We are looking to design a nice site for spins.fedoraproject.org for people to learn about spins, find all the various official spins that are available, and download said spins via torrent links. I came up with a mockup with lame placeholder stock art and was wondering – Would anyone be willing to be the face of a Fedora spin? If we held a contest or something for people to send in photos of themselves representing one of the official Fedora spins, would anyone be interested in entering? Or would that be a cracktastic idea? …Discuss!