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Version-controlled, automagical backup and file sharing system with Sparkleshare and Fedora

The Burden of files

Okay, there’s a lot of problems:

  • Backing up your files is a pain in the butt.
  • Every time you upgrade your system, either in-place or a fresh install, it is a royal hassle to restore your files.
  • That file looks great on your laptop, but how do you show it to a colleague not sitting next to you easily? Ughh.
  • You upload files to a random directory on some web server you have some space on, quickly to show an idea to someone. Fast-forward some time, and you’ve got disorganized, poorly-named files scattered across multiple shell / other accounts all over the web, and you’re not sure what you have a copy of where, or which ones are being referred to from other places, so you’re terrified to delete any of them.
  • Well, crap. You’ve made a mistake. You can’t go back, can you? No version control…

I think we all know these problems pretty well. I’ve built a solution using Fedora and Sparkleshare – completely free and open source software – that over the past week has addressed all of these issues and has substantially improved the quality of my computing life. It backs my work files up to an internal corporate server and it backs my Fedora files up to a Fedora-maintained public server. I’m planning to configure it to back up some personal files to my Dreamhost account and some to my NAS at home.

SXSW Expo Day 2

Booth Remodeling We’ve remodeled our booth after some ethnographic research on user patterns yesterday. 🙂 Penguin Prep Lots more photos here, I’ll be updating as the flaky network connection allows so keep checking back.

Get juiced with Pulp!

There’s a fairly new free software (GPLv2) project you might be interested in. As Jason Dobies mentioned, it’s nice and juicy. It’s called Pulp and it essentially makes managing software and updates on multiple systems a much simpler, less time-intensive task. Pulp is aimed at folks who manage many systems, whether they are desktops, servers, …

You must be this tall to ride: __

I believe that Fedora and Linux in general need to reach and inspire a wider set of users. Free software affords us so many benefits we should strive to share, but there’s still a formidable bar in technical skill required to realize those benefits. What can we do to help expand the reach of free …

Contributing to free & open source software as a designer

Next Sunday there’s going to be a FLOSS HCI Workshop at CHI 2010 in Atlanta, GA. CHI is the annual conference on human-computer interaction’ [1] for ACM’s SIG CHI (Special Interest Group in Computer-Human Interaction.) Michael Terry from the University of Waterloo and Paula Bach from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have organized this …