GIMP 2.7 for Photoshop Expatriates

Well, I got into a Photoshop vs. Gimp pissing match. Sigh. Lots of rich manure left behind in the aftermath. Why not try to plant a seed and grow a useful vegetable from it? So here’s a quick screencast (created using GNOME Shell’s built-in screen recorder with audio using a trick posted to GNOME bugzilla by my colleague Dan Allen) that shows how to do some of the things folks more used to Photoshop told me they wished they could do in Gimp. I also threw in a little demo of the Gimp Paint Studio plug-in that I’m in the process of packaging up for Fedora. Should you happen upon this and have questions about how to do other stuff you’re used to in Photoshop (or any bitmap tool) and can’t figure out in the Gimp, let me know and I’ll try to screencast it. With the new trick configured in my GNOME shell setup, it is so dead simple to do screencasts I’m looking for excuses to do more! UPDATE: Uh, the link to the video off of the thumbnail preview actually works now 🙂 Thanks to ‘k’ for pointing it out in the comments!