Announcing Fedora Packages (and Fedora Tagger!)

Screenshot, front page of Fedora Packages The story up ’till now You might remember some earlier posts I’ve made about Fedora package social networking. The background here is that we built a web application called Fedora Community a couple of years ago. With Luya Tshimbalanga’s help, I ran a number of usability tests on this initial version at FUDcon Toronto. The results pointed out some key problems that over the past couple of years have definitely negatively impacted user adoption, including slow search and loading times. Late this summer Luke Macken, John Palmieri, Spot, and myself went through those all of those issues and formulated a plan to try again and build a better application for package maintainers. We launched a beta version at FUDcon Blacksburg this past Saturday, and it’s called Fedora Packages. We wanted to build only the most core functionality and keep things very light and speedy, being overly cautious towards adding features beyond the initial core to avoid the problems we ran into with the first version. I want to emphasize this because a lot of you provided great suggestions for functionality but we decided to focus just on the core functionality for now and have …

Beefy has a beef.

I have seen a vision of the future, and this is what I saw: Why would Beefy be targeting the panda with a laser gun? Why is the panda glowing green? How did this situation come about? What happens next? Your mission! It’s a contest. 🙂 Come up with the best story to go with this picture, and: You’ll get to name the panda. Your story will be illustrated and used in a Fedora webapp’s error message pages (more on that tomorrow at FUDcon. 🙂 ) You will receive a LIMITED EDITION, ONE-OF-A-KIND, direct-to-garment printed Beefy Miracle and radioactive panda T-shirt, using the design of your choice from your story (or the design above.) Want to give it a shot? Submit your ideas in the comments below!