FUDcon Tempe Day 2

Clint’s Fedora through-and-through, from head to toe! Spot pitches his ideas for a Fedora RPG. J5 explains his vision for Fedora Community A large crew of us had lunch at a nearby Greek place. The lightning talks were given in front of a standing-room only packed room. Smooge pulls out his wallet. Back at the hotel, Mel continues her hackfest coverage with interviews. Ryan cooks up some beefy wonder. Game night was very popular More games! Settlers of Catan Mike & Ricky I learned a lot of good photography tips from Tatica! Fedora infrastructure folks hack on stuff 🙂

FUDcon Tempe Day 1

Max and the Iowa State mascot. (Paying penance!) So many people…. this picture doesn’t even cover it. So many people at this FUDcon! PULP! Barcamp talk proposals during the kickoff session. Diana’s anthropology report on Fedora. Sebastian and Mel during the Education session. Chris’ talk on cloud management. Dennis and Greg smile for the camera! Justin, Peter, Kyle, and Dave at the hotel lobby Will during the meet the Anaconda team talk.