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The Fedora Board now has a blog of its own. I had been doing some Board meeting summaries here in my own blog, but that’s not a good long-term solution so with the help of Sijis & Fedora Infrastructure, the Fedora Board now has a shared blog.
That being said, I goofed when I originally added the blog to Planet Fedora, so you may have missed the first post. Here it is, and hopefully the next one will just work when it comes to appearing on Planet Fedora:
Fedora Board Meeting, 13 December 2010
(The meeting consisted mostly of discussions about proposed future goals for Fedora to help us achieve our vision, so it’s definitely worth a read.)


  1. Allen Halsey says:

    Thanks! I think it would be good, at some point, to improve the naming consistency of "The Board" and "The Advisory Board" and "The Fedora Project Board".

    1. "The Board" is shorthand for "The Fedora Project Board." I don't think the advisory board is the same thing? That's a public mailing list that includes folks who are not members of the project board…

      1. bochecha says:

        I thought it was "the advisory board mailing-list" as in "the mailing list for the Fedora Project Advisory Board", in which case "Fedora Advisory Board" was a synonym to "Fedora Board" or "Fedora Project Board" or…
        So in "advisory board", the "board" is the "mailing-list"?
        (not being a native english speaker, I didn't know "board" could be used in this sense)

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