Zomg EtherPad

So my friend Corey told me about how Google recently bought a company called AppJet who makes this sweet online shared notepad called EtherPad. Google went ahead and released EtherPad under an Apache 2.0 license. Sweet; thanks Google! I could see Gobby hooking into EtherPad – could you? Enjoy some screenshots – and I apologize for being so short with this post; I am a busy bee today finishing things up before I leave for the holidays tomorrow. Main Document Window Document Versions Timeline You can play forward through versions…. so sweet…. I so wish MediaWiki had this! Import/Export Options Would be super sweet if you could import a MediaWiki page then export it back out from where you got it. Or at least export in MediaWiki format. Document Revision History What do you think? Could this app be useful for Fedora?