F9 Wallpaper Designs

Do you like them? I’ve been working on them pretty much all day, so I can’t really tell if I like them anymore. I need to take a break, lol.


  1. Isn't it too light?
    created my own sulphur.xml (it should be probably waves.xml, right?) by fixing the names in the original infinity.xml and trying it. It's 14:40 here, so I might be just in the peak, but the whole impression from the background seems to me slightly too light and confusing with icons on the top of it.
    Otherwise, really like it.
    (and of course, congratulations to my fellow RHCT ;-)).

    1. Re: Isn't it too light?
      Hi Matej!
      Can you provide some screenshots of it with the icons on top? It looked okay on my laptop but then again my LCD is quite dim as were my eyes last night at 2 AM here, lol. The bright one may indeed need some adjusting to make it a little less distracting.

      1. Re: Isn't it too light?
        http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/Obrazovka-1.png this is just high-noon as a background

        1. Re: Isn't it too light?
          ah yeah a bit bright! ill do some adjustments!

        2. Re: Isn't it too light?
          Wow! So *is* possible to have a desktop messier than mine! I am not the only one dumping so many files all over the desktop :p

  2. Anonymous says:

    F9 wallpaper
    really great!!
    00-morning: except morning one I like all. I cannot say why but 00-morning is not giving the effect which morning should give. May be its due to geographical difference. If possible please take one Indian sunrise effect :-).
    rajesh672 at gmail dot com

  3. Dynamic wallpapers
    I wonder if it would be possible to have the wallpapers smoothly change over the course of a day. That would be interesting…..

    1. Re: Dynamic wallpapers
      it certainly is! 🙂 Have you seen the wallpaper in f8?

      1. Re: Dynamic wallpapers
        nope. I'm an Ubuntu man myself. 🙂

        1. Re: Dynamic wallpapers
          Ah okay. We debuted the slowly animating wallpapers in Fedora 8. It's pretty sweet.

          1. Re: Dynamic wallpapers
            oh cool. I'll have to look into that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like them.. Simple, but that's what most people want from a desktop, so their icons stand out. But also cool. Keep up the good work!

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